My name is Tracy Anne Bond

Inspire Power is the name of my business of private counselling and supervision in Alsager

Since 2007 I've been working with people who have had a wide range of different issues. Of course everybody is different and my aim is to support you as an individual work through the counselling process.

People tell me that they find me very easy to talk to and a good listener. I'm happy to hear it but what this means for you is that we will be able to start working together quickly and easily.

The first introductory session of up to 30 minutes is when we will get to know each other a little and we can both check that we're comfortable about working with one another. You are welcome to bring somebody along with you on this intro session but it's usual for counselling to be one-to-one during subsequent sessions.

For me, the most important part of the counselling process is the ability to gain and maintain a professional relationship based on trust, safety & without judgments. I believe that this in turn allows for growth and development with any area of concern to you. I don't have all the answers and will not give you an instant solution - we will work together to find the best route to the outcome that you want.

Before we meet, all I would ask is that you give some thought in relation to what you would like to gain through counselling, so we may work together while you achieve this - working solely from what you bring to our sessions each week.

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