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Therapy during Covid

  • PUBLISHED FRI 17:18, 8 JAN 2021
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  • UPDATED FRI 18:52, 8 JAN 2021
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How high quality talking therapy continues during a global pandemic

Therapy is a practice in which the client and therapist have previously been very much face-to-face and in relatively close proximity for long periods. Scientists tell us this is an ideal environment for the transmission of viruses!

Government advice has prohibited us from meeting face-to-face for obvious safety reasons. But people still need therapy. In some cases, now more than ever.

We’re so lucky to have the internet!

I was somewhat apprehensive when I conducted a session in my counselling room using my laptop as I hadn’t done it before. I needn’t have worried because, after adjusting my seating position a little so my client could see me properly, it went very well and there were no problems. In fact, it was much better than I was expecting!

Since then, in April ’20, I’ve had dozens of sessions with dozens of clients and I’ve come to think that I enjoy remote working very nearly as much as face-to-face working! And it’s much easier for my clients, travel-wise.

If you’re considering taking the path towards a brighter future with some coaching, counselling or hypnotherapy then don’t let government restrictions put you off. We can meet remotely from the comfort of your own home using your laptop or your phone.

Thanks for reading, best wishes everybody and stay safe!

Tracy xx



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