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Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

  • PUBLISHED FRI 18:19, 30 NOV 2018
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  • UPDATED TUE 18:26, 15 DEC 2020
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When you’re ready to stop, this could be the easiest way.

Quitting smoking can be a challenge. Plenty of people actually think it can’t be done - how often have you heard, "Once a smoker, always a smoker!"

It can be hard because it isn’t just "a habit," it’s drug addiction. Most people who quit had more than one failed attempt previously and only a smoker knows how tough it can be to go just a few waking hours without smoking.

My name is Ran Davies and I quit smoking 20-25 a day 3 years ago. I’m now a hypnotherapist and, knowing exactly how hard it can be, I now specialise in helping people to quit the easy way. Hypnotherapy has an excellent success rate in this area because it can reduce or eliminate your desire to smoke and help you adopt a non-smoking mindset, freeing yourself at last from painful breathing, coughing, lack of energy and motivation, not to mention bad breath. And you’ll almost certainly live a longer and happier life.

Most people find hypnosis to be extremely relaxing and comfortable. It normally works best with your eyes closed and you don’t talk, you just listen. After the session people generally feel energised and very good about themselves.

Smoking cigarettes currently costs people around £3,000 per year. I charge £100 which is probably what you’re setting fire to about every fortnight! Your session of about 2 hours will consist of a 30-minute introduction to hypnotherapy and how it works followed by the hypnotherapy itself. After the introduction I will ask you if you want to go ahead with the treatment and if you decide not to, there will be no charge.

You will have the option of a shorter follow-up hypnotherapy session for £40 which most people don’t need. This builds on the initial work to further increase your resilience during the time while the last of the nicotine is leaving your body and increases your self-confidence about quitting permanently.

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