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Living with anxiety - 10 top tips: BONUS TIP!

  • PUBLISHED SAT 18:26, 4 AUG 2018
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  • UPDATED SAT 19:51, 11 AUG 2018
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Bonus Tip! Learn what events trigger your anxiety

Is it family, school, work or something else which you can identify? Carry a pen and paper or make notes in your phone. Write down when you feel the most anxious and see if a pattern emerges.

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For some people the triggers can be invisible, which means they can cause problems without you even realising what is happening. A good example of this is clutter. Some folk find they experience more anxiety when their surroundings are more cluttered. It's an invisible trigger because the person might not even be aware that their home is affecting them until it's been cleaned.

Other invisible triggers may include:

Too much thinking time - spending too much time alone.
Lack of Goal Setting - the feeling of achieving nothing.
Health and news - caused by obsessing over persistent bad news.
Anxious thoughts - anxiety causes anxious thoughts in general but in some cases they can trigger an incredible increase in anxiety that cascades out of control.




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