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Living with anxiety - 10 top tips: #5

  • PUBLISHED SAT 17:56, 4 AUG 2018
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  • UPDATED SAT 19:57, 11 AUG 2018
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5: Talk to someone

Tell friends and family that you're feeling overwhelmed at the moment and let them know how they can help you. Talk to a physician or therapist for professional help. Try to avoid going into too much detail with your friends because when you re-live negative past events you also re-live the emotional response and reinforce it... therefore you could, without realising it, be making things worse for yourself.

Focus instead on letting them know how they can help you, if they can.

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Speaking as a counsellor, if you're struggling to cope and things aren't getting better, my advice here would be to get professional help sooner rather than later.

There's every possibility that you will eventually figure it out and recover perfectly well without professional help using your own skills but how long might it take and, during this time, how happy are you?

What might be the cost to your education or career and to those closest to you?

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, when you choose professional help.



If you think you might prefer some one-to-one help with any issues you might be facing, the best place to find a qualified, reputable therapist is on the BACP website here:

Or, if you're close enough to Alsager you might like to click here to make a booking with me.


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