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Living with anxiety - 10 top tips: #4

  • PUBLISHED SAT 18:00, 4 AUG 2018
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4: Foods to avoid

Don't skip any meals. Try to avoid going hungry as it can cause people to become miserable and irritable. Get your 5-a-day, every day

Anxiety probably isn't caused by what you eat but your diet does matter. What you eat affects how you feel and, if you feel anxious, changing your diet can be a valuable part of treating your anxiety symptoms.

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It might benefit you to avoid the following types of food:

Acid-forming foods: eggs, sour cream, wine, pickles, yogurt, liver
These foods affect magnesium levels and magnesium is a contributor of anxiety in many sufferers.

Refined sugar
Sugar in fruit isn't too bad. White supermarket sugar is. Sugar, like caffeine, stimulates the body and can cause jitteriness which exaggerates anxiety symptoms.

Excessive caffeine is a known stimulant of anxiety. Sensible amounts such as one cup in the morning may not trigger anxiety in most people but the more you drink the higher your risk.
Coffee also can create a rapid heartbeat which may increase the chance of panic attacks.

We all know that alcohol can cause folk to do stupid things which may cause more anxiety in your life but alcohol itself is terrible for the body. It dehydrates us, throws off our nutritional and hormonal balance, also it can cause physical symptoms from the toxins which trigger anxiety attacks.

Fried food
Fried food is difficult to digest, has little nutritional content and contributes to heart disease. It's very difficult to reduce anxiety when your body is struggling to process the food that you ate.

Oh no! You just listed everything that I love to eat!

People get themselves into a dietary rut, when they use almost exactly the same shopping list every week. There's plenty of other, delicious, nutritious stuff to buy which you will find just as tasty. Plus, it may improve your mental state as well. I will provide a short-list in the next article.



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