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How do you feel today?

  • PUBLISHED SAT 19:30, 17 MAR 2018
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  • UPDATED MON 17:22, 11 JAN 2021
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How we can get help when things start to get on top of us and nothing we do is right.

Thousands of people every day find that things seem too much to bear. We know that situations like this can quickly spiral out of control and become unbearable, sometimes leading to relationship problems, anxiety, stress or even depression.

For far too many people, this is a living reality. In many cases, lives are being ruined when sufferers don’t know about or cannot access the professional help which could change their lives completely.

My name is Tracy Bond and I’ve worked with and helped dozens of people, of all ages including children and young people, who have had a wide variety of problems.

Don’t leave it until things get worse. The sooner you confront your fears the sooner you can be helped and the sooner you can get your life back on track again!

I charge £50 per 50-minute session and offer a free 30-minute introductory meeting during which time we will discuss your needs and see if we can work together. You can then decide either to make a further appointment or perhaps think about it and get back to me at a later date.

Just so you know... I’m a fully trained and qualified life coach, NLP practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapeutic counsellor. Certificates available upon request! I’m also BACP accredited and fully insured.

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If you think you might prefer some one-to-one help with any issues you might be facing, the best place to find a qualified, reputable therapist is on the BACP website here:

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