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The need for counselling in schools

  • PUBLISHED SAT 17:49, 10 FEB 2018
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  • UPDATED FRI 17:46, 11 MAY 2018
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How mental health issues can harm the educational needs of staff and students

Everybody knows that a hungry student will probably have difficulty concentrating properly and that their learning is likely to suffer as a result.

I believe exactly the same problem exists for individuals with mental health issues. When we have other things on our minds it prevents us from being able to focus properly in the classroom, or even to find the will to try.

Here begins the problem which can happen very easily when a person's difficulties go unnoticed or ignored. If they are unable to concentrate properly then they are effectively sitting there while the curriculum passes them by and it only takes a few days for a person to start dropping behind in class, from where they may never catch up. I think it's tragic.

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How I can help

I have twelve years of experience helping a multitude of children and adults with various mental health issues including family trauma, bereavement, sexual violence, stress, anger management, bullying, anxiety and depression.

This means that I am trained, able and experienced to get to the root of a person's issues and help to guide them to the best possible outcome for their situation.

I also believe it's better to help somebody as soon as possible for two reasons:
• To help them to get back on their feet asap, to minimise disruptions to their education;
• To catch them before their issue worsens further, which would mean it may take more time to get them back to a good place again.

Teachers' Issues

Teaching is such an important role and in cases where a teacher is suffering then clearly this is far from ideal and, potentially, the entire class may suffer as a result.

Again, I believe it's best to address the issue at the earliest opportunity, preferably as soon as it becomes apparent. Life has its way of throwing stuff at us when we're least able to deal with it sometimes and there's certainly no shame in asking for a little professional help once in a while.

Of course, the teacher might well be able to resolve their issue on their own but at what cost, to themselves, to their students and to their families.

What's the Government's take on this?

The Government published a Green Paper on 4th December 2017 which including targets for better, faster access to mental health help for students by 2025. Here is a link to the government website:
Transforming children and young people's mental health provision: a green paper

Get in touch

If you might be interested in arranging either some one-off sessions or to fix up a regular weekly time slot for me to attend to perhaps a number of people at your place of work then why not start the ball rolling by sending me an email so we can arrange a chat about your requirements. Please click here.


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