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Counselling prices: what are the current counselling rates?

  • PUBLISHED SAT 10:00, 6 AUG 2016
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  • UPDATED MON 20:44, 16 OCT 2017
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Find out counselling costs with a BACP Accredited professional

Normally when considering a block of counselling sessions, getting your life back on track is the number one priority... however the cost is an important consideration too.

The usual rate for counselling outside London in 2016 is around £40 for a standard session which will last around 50 minutes. Some therapists might charge a few pounds more and others may charge a little less.

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Some counsellors may offer a free introductory session of half an hour for you to meet the therapist in their counselling rooms and decide if you feel comfortable enough to work with them.

My name is Tracy Bond and here at Inspire Power I offer a free introductory session, a warm welcome and a really comfortable chair.

From my counselling rooms in Alsager I accept clients from all over Cheshire and Staffordshire please click here to enquire about booking availability.


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