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What to expect from your first counselling session in Alsager

  • PUBLISHED WED 19:20, 30 MAR 2016
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  • UPDATED WED 17:49, 4 OCT 2017
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Most people find it easy and enjoyable, and look forward to their next session

It's a funny thing about making decisions... by far the easiest decision is to do nothing at all!

It can be like that for plenty of people when it comes to deciding to go on your first counselling session. It's a step into the unknown with a stranger, which can be a cause of anxiety for some.

This is a perfectly natural reaction. Lots of people feel a level of anxiety before meeting someone for the first time or going somewhere new - it takes courage to take the plunge and just do it.

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I have been counselling in Alsager for a number of years and my clients often say to me something like, "Oh it's been much easier than I thought and I wish I'd done it months ago!"

Everybody's story is different just as we humans are all different. But whatever your own situation, if it doesn't seem to be improving why not click the link below to make an enquiry. Just an enquiry - there's no commitment on your part and it costs nothing to find out. My name is Tracy Bond and here at Inspire Power I offer a FREE introductory session, a warm welcome and a really comfortable chair.

From my counselling rooms in Alsager I accept clients from all over Cheshire and Staffordshire

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